Shipton Pre-School & Toddlers

Shipton Preschool and Toddlers

In September 2017 Shipton Preschool and Toddlers moved onto the school site; from April 2019 they have become a full part of the school as our designated Nursery provision.

Following a joint consultation carried out in 2018, the Pre-School and school have formally come together under the governance of the school during this school year.  This move has been fully approved and endorsed by everyone involved: the Regional Schools Commissioner, North Yorkshire County Council, the Hope Learning Trust, the Pre-School Committee and the school Governing Body.  This is an exciting move which will help further develop the Early Years provision offered for this area, including more flexibility for families and the opportunity for even stronger transitions into full-time school.

For children aged 3+ years, funded places are available for the 15/30 hours entitlement.  Sessions can consist of mornings, afternoon and full days and can include our Breakfast and After School Club.  Information about places for children aged 3 years, and how the school offers the 30 hours Extended Entitlement, can be found below.  Children may attend the setting from age 2 (normally from the term in which they are 3) subject to places.  Further information on all options is below.