Sports Premium

Sports Premium

School Games Mark

We are part of the School Games Mark scheme to help support development and quality assure our PE and sports provision in school at all levels.

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Sports Premium

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The Sports Premium was introduced in September 2013 and is allocated to primary schools to improve their PE and sport provision.  It consists of a lump sum, with an additional £5 per pupil.  This is clearly identifiable in the school budget and schools may choose how the money is spent, within DFE guidelines. 

2020-21 allocation: £9,998

2019-20 allocation: £17,300

At Forest of Galtres we are committed to encouraging our children to lead an active, healthy lifestyle, and to ensure our provision is inclusive and accessible for all.  We provide a wide range of activities across the wider school curriculum in order to:

  • Encourage enjoyment and participation at all levels and for all children, with competition opportunities at an appropriate level
  • Develop a range of skills
  • Teach children about fair play, co-operation and team work
  • Teach children the importance of healthy lifestyles, including exercise, eating and mental health

We use some of the funding to engage with external partners: in September 2018 we joined the York School Sports Network to develop opportunities for participation and competition at all levels as well as to provide development for staff in school.  Through these links we can access a range of activities and opportunities to further enhance sporting capacity within our school, such as:

  • Staff CPD opportunities: specialist coaching in different areas of PE throughout the year, with the coach leading the lesson and the teacher observing and/or team teaching to develop their own skills
  • After School Sports Activities: a Coach leads after school sporting activities to encourage children to take part in structured physical activity in their own time, to encourage healthy lifestyle choices and support positive play
  • Development & training of pupil Play Leaders, to lead activities at lunchtimes to support team work & positive play
  • Swimming lessons for all year groups at Thirsk Swimming Pool.  This provides children with a level of fitness and an understanding of water safety.  This means that by the end of Key Stage 2 most children can meet the DFE’s expectations around swimming
  • Access to competitions and festival events over the school year, with the opportunity for children to progress to area finals if they are successful
  • In 2018-19, participation in the ‘Girls Active Sports Leadership’ programme with Sport England.  This is a programme designed to engage girls in PE & school sport, and sustain this as they transition from primary into secondary education

During 2019-20 we will continue to prioritise access to opportunities for all children due to our rural location and limited transport links in the local area.  In the future we would like to develop the court area into a Multi-Use Games Area with upgraded facilities for long-term benefit to the school.  The funding also enables us to replace and upgrade our equipment and resources in school.  It also allows us to support families with the costs of residential visits, by subsidising transport costs so that all children can take part in off-site outdoor and adventurous opportunities.

  • Since the introduction of the PE and Sport Premium funding we have had 100% participation in our PE activities
  • Periods of national lockdown have impacted on PE & sports provision, however we have still been able to access virtual competitions and challenges through the YSSN
  • Swimming:  by the end of KS2 in 2019 all children were able to swim competently, confidently, and proficiently over a distance of at least 25 metres, and to
    *  use a range of strokes effectively
    *  perform safe self-rescue in different water-based situation
  • We have also had successful individual performances, with children reaching finals in cross country and tag rugby. 
  • In 2015 we gained awarded the Bronze School Games Mark, followed by the Silver School Games Mark in 2015-16, and Gold in 2018-19.

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