At Forest of Galtres Anglican Methodist Primary School, we promote high standards of language and literacy by equipping pupils with a strong command of the spoken and written language, and to develop their love of literature.

We believe the exposure of children’s literature within the primary school setting is vital as a rich context for learning; not only within English as a subject but to support building a positive culture throughout the school.

Our writing curriculum is a book-based planning sequence, which engages children to write with a clear audience and purpose. Our teach through a text pedagogy is the foundation of our curriculum. The texts we choose help children to explain their ideas and grow their minds.


By placing books at the core, we are allowing teachers to use the text as the context for the requirements of the national curriculum. 

Our writing opportunities are meaningful and feel authentic. Whether these are short or long, the audience is clear and our children have real reasons to write, whether to explain, persuade, inform or instruct. 

Writing in role using a range of genres is key to our approach and we would always model the tone and level of formality through our FoG Learning Cycle. 

Further Information

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Writing outside the curriculum

  • Author visits and workshops

  • Celebrating Haiku poetry day

  • Writing a speech for the York Civic Speaking Competition

  • Pen disco

  • Regular handwriting teaching

  • Writing letters for the community

  • Sending writing to our local parish council

  • Writing across all areas of our curriculum

  • Writing opportunities at break times and lunch times.

  • National Poetry Day

  • Entering the Young Writers competition

  • Performing Poem